Exploring the Real Value of Outplacement Services

Outplacement is a support service provided by a company making redundancies to help their departing employees take the next step in their career; be that a new job, a change in profession, setting up their own company or to retire.

Outplacement services facilitate humane redundancies in the workplace. Any organisation that offers outplacement to their employees demonstrates that they understand the harsh realities in the ever-changing world of work.

Organisations who are having to make redundancies usually hire a specialist outplacement provider to supply these services. Here are three reasons why working with a reputable outplacement company can be so beneficial:

Using Outplacement Services Shows You’re a Caring Employer

There’s no getting away from it. The moment someone in a company is laid off, everyone is rattled. There can be an impact on motivation and productivity throughout the organisation. People may start looking for new jobs when the last thing employers want is to lose valued staff. Having outplacement services in place will reassure your staff that you care about them and their future.

Today’s workforce place deep significance in their jobs. More aligned to a career than just a job, redundancy can mean that the employee’s sense of personal development and professional achievement come under threat. The emotional impact challenges their well-being and resilience and so it seems only reasonable that a caring employer would help to facilitate the employee’s transition to another role.

Outplacement Services Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Make no mistake, companies large or small who factor staff welfare into their culture will always be preferred employers. They avoid becoming the ‘bad guys’ whether for a single layoff or a major downsizing event. It’s worth remembering that your ex-employees will continue to be PROs (Public Relations Officers) for your company. Let their voice add to your praise rather than be a statistic for the ‘unfair dismissal’ cry.

Your company’s HR (Human Resources) department plays a major role in the way you manage redundancies and lay-offs. If HR has a connection with a reputable outplacement company, your reputation is well protected. When you offer a way forward, whether the employee takes advantage of the provision or not, you’re less likely to face unemployment compensation claims.

Exploring the Real Value of Outplacement Services 2

Outplacement Services Help Lessen the Impact of Redundancy on The Company and Your Staff

Redundancy is recognised as one of the top ten most stressful life events.

Many people take it very personally and their self-confidence plummets. Even if they hated their job, having their security blanket taken away can be devastating and leave them feeling angry, embarrassed or confused.

Outplacement services to the rescue.

A wise man once said that people will fight tooth and nail for the roof over their heads even if the place is falling apart. But offer them a new prospect and they’ll abandon it of their own volition.

Dealing with redundancy is not mission impossible. By understanding the effect redundancy has on your people, you can expedite this unpleasant job with a win-win approach.

Outplacement services help you to carry out compassionate dismissals, lessening the sting of laying someone off by putting them in touch with services that know which companies are hiring, recruiting or onboarding. Those words alone will be music to the ears of anyone facing redundancy.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that outplacement services may not always be about assisting employees to find new jobs in the same career. With advancements in technology, it may be the skill set of your employees that has become redundant. So, ensure that your outplacement provider knows how to identify ways to translate the skills, qualifications and talents laid-off employees already have into the current marketplace.

To conclude, when it comes to redundancies it’s important to be prepared and ensure you have a solid relationship in place with an effective outplacement company that you’d be proud to put in touch with employees you’ve had to let go.

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