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Your dream job. A healthy work-life balance. Increased employee productivity.
Let’s make it happen.

As a career & personal development coach, I guide individuals through the process of working out what they really want and provide them with the tools to make things happen.

Through my work as a DISC Personality Profiling Specialist I help people understand themselves, their co-workers, clients, sales prospects and even their families better, in order to improve communication, maximise teamwork and increase productivity.

I offer a broad range of support from personal one to one coaching to training teams in large organisations. I’ve outlined my key areas of expertise below, but I’m always happy to talk through your particular needs and requirements:

* Career Transition Coaching – Redundancies/Mum Returners/Graduates
* CV & Interview Support
* Career Development Coaching
* Outplacement Support
* DISC Personality Profiling for individuals and teams
* Work-Life Balance Coaching and Training
* Confidence Coaching

Vida Coaching - Career Coaching


Are you in a job that makes you miserable or have you recently been made redundant? Does your business require personal development coaching or outplacement support? My career coaching service could be just what you’re looking for.

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Vida Coaching - DISC Personality Profiling

DISC Personality Profiling

Would you like to understand yourself better and learn how to communicate more effectively with your customers or potential clients? Are you looking to prevent conflicts and improve collaboration within your team? If so, have you heard of DISC?

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Vida Coaching - CVs and Mock Interviews

CVs and Interviews

Fed up of applying for jobs but not having any success? Perhaps it’s time to shake up your CV or have professional feedback on how you’re perceived in an interview situation.

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Find out how I can help

I’m based in Maidenhead and coach clients face to face, as well as via phone and Zoom, enabling me to work with individuals both in and outside of the UK. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you, contact me to book a free, no obligation 30 minute phone consultation.

I had never done a formal type of application or interview before EVER! so to get the job I had always wanted I had to start from scratch. I really knew next to nothing. Tanya made my impossibly daunting task so much easier understand.

M.R. Application Development & Interview Coaching

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After having a career break and returning from travelling I was questioning what I wanted to do going forward and the possibility of a career change. Tanya has been amazing in helping me understand more of what is important for me in a career and has really helped me realise a lot of things I hadn’t even previously considered.

R.T, Career Returner

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Specialising in Cyber Security, I have a broad skill set and required Tanya’s assistance to focus my CV and make a positive first impression, and it worked. It worked a little too well because I had to politely decline some interest! One of the recruiters wrote “Just tried both your numbers and sent you a message on LinkedIn. I LOVE this CV and have a local role for you. Any chance I could chat to you asap?”. Another asked me to review three available vacancies. It was definitely the response I hoped to achieve.

A.W, C.V. Development

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I can wholeheartedly recommend Tanya as a career and work-life balance coach. Our work together has been so beneficial in terms of helping me to understand where my passion, values, and strengths are best suited and where to focus my efforts. Additionally how to present my CV to enable personality, strengths and skills to come across. Thanks Tanya!

S.W. Career Coaching

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Tanya recently ran a Disc personality profiling session with our team of directors. The session was relaxed, professional and extremely informative and generated a lot of discussion amongst the team….

Joe Hinton, Managing Director, UK Business Mentoring

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…I am lucky enough that Tanya was such an outstanding support, as a coach, to my personal development. She could extract from my personal worries some more profound issues and challenged me in a very productive way to rethink my approach and myself. In short – she enabled me to become this better person I wanted to be. Thanks for such positive inspiration Tanya.

F.M, Work-Life Balance Coaching

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Coaching has changed my life and attitude completely.…. Areas in my life that I have wanted to improve for a while and in some cases have tried to change previously, have now become achievable and a lot simpler in my mind….

Alex M, Work-Life Balance/Life Coaching

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I graduated in July this year and came out of university with no idea what I wanted to do. I hadn’t found the careers services at university particularly helpful, so I was happy to take the opportunity when my mum offered for me to have Tanya’s help….

E.P, Graduate Job Hunter

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You may also like to listen to my podcast, Career & Leadership Coaching Conversations with T&T.