DISC Personality Profiling


DISC Personality Profiling is an easy, effective and non-judgemental way of helping people to understand human behaviour in different situations. This knowledge then enables individuals and teams to communicate and interact more effectively.

How we communicate and interact with other people is an important factor in our success. Through using DISC, I help individuals, teams and businesses to become more successful by providing easy to understand information, coaching and training on how to modify behaviour.

The DISC Personality Profiling Model

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the theory by psychologist William Marston. His theory explains how behavioural characteristics can be put together into four major groups. People with similar personality styles tend to display specific behavioural characteristics common to that group. Each of the letters D-I-S-C in the acronym DISC stands for one of the four groups or personality styles, an outline of which is shown in the matrix below:

Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective at communicating and interacting with others. Learning about other people’s DISC styles takes this one step further by enabling you to understand their priorities and how they differ from your own. Finally you can learn how to flex your style so that you’re able to improve relationships.

How DISC helps Small Business Owners

DISC Personality Profiling helps people to understand themselves, friends, family and co-workers better. It will enable you to build better relationships with customers and develop stronger sales skills by understanding how you can interact and communicate more effectively with people of every personality style. DISC is very effective in helping entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up their business understand what they need to do to push their business forward.

How DISC Helps Teams

Successful companies have high performing teams, with each team member having a huge impact upon the team and each team affecting the business as a whole.

I combine DISC Personality Profiling with coaching and training to help new or under-performing teams improve communication and collaboration, build stronger relationships, increase productivity and creativity, reduced stress and gain better bottom line results. The DISC model creates a common language around behaviour, making discussions about the strengths and growth areas of team members less “personal,” and more based on awareness of personality styles.

Thus, my use of DISC in companies helps managers to become more effective leaders by understanding the differing behaviours and priorities of their team members in various situations. It also helps individuals by facilitating an increase in self-awareness and an understanding of how other people in the team are motivated, like to interact and make decisions, improving working relationships as a result.

How DISC works

Being profiled by me is a fairly painless process and involves completing an on-line questionnaire which should take you no longer than 10 minutes. This produces a personal report which you can take away and read at your leisure or book a one-to-one with me so that I can explain the results in more detail. Small Business Owners can book a more in-depth one-to-one so that they can learn more about how to interact and communicate more effectively with customers and potential clients. When I work with larger businesses, team members will complete their questionnaires and receive one-to-one feedback. I then carry out a team building workshop using the results of the profiling as well as other useful training exercises.

Find out how I can help

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