Testimonials from Organisations:

Tanya recently ran a Disc personality profiling session with our team of directors. The session was relaxed, professional and extremely informative and generated a lot of discussion amongst the team.

Understanding each others Disc profile has helped enormously in understanding how each individual prefers to communicate and has made us far more effective as a team. Overall an excellent session which I would absolutely recommend to other companies.

Joe Hinton

Managing Director, UK Business Mentoring

I recently engaged Tanya to run a DISC profiling workshop for a group of managers at our Heathrow unit in order to develop their understanding of their personal communication styles, and start their journey towards becoming a more effective and cohesive team.

Tanya’s knowledge and relaxed approach really helped the participants open up and get a clear understanding of the different communication styles in the team, which has helped them move forward. I would recommend Tanya to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of communication styles, either on an individual or team basis.

Christian Walton

Organisational Development Manager , Newrest UK

I recently hired Tanya to provide personal coaching for one of my employees. I was extremely impressed with the results. In a relatively short time, Tanya’s one-on-one coaching made a really positive impact. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their coping mechanisms.

Jonathan Alsop

Director, Numerus

Testimonials from One-to-One Clients:

Julie’s video testimonial about my C.V. Development Service

J.G, C.V. Development

I strongly believe that a personal coach can change your life. It gives the necessary perspectives, challenges to think outside one’s personal frameworks and ultimately makes the individual grow and develop as a better person. But it only works with the right coach. I am lucky enough that Tanya was such an outstanding support, as a coach, to my personal development. She could extract from personal worries some more profound issues and challenged me in a very productive way to rethink my approach and myself. In short – she enabled me to become this better person I wanted to be. Thanks for such positive inspiration Tanya.

F.M, Work-Life Balance Coaching

I felt so stuck not knowing what recruiters would look for in a CV or how to match my dated CV with my new, relevant skills to apply for jobs that would stretch me further. I knew there was something missing, but I didn’t know how to put my experience and achievements into the right format or words.

Tanya’s service is CV coaching, in that she doesn’t write the CV for you, she gets to know you, your skills and strengths, ambitions and plans and helps you to create a CV that showcases your talents. With a background in HR and Training, Tanya can spot the relevant bits of information that a recruiter would be looking for. By working this way I feel very clear on my achievements, skills and preferred work environment which will see me through to the next stage of interviews. I feel so much more confident about standing out from the crowd in a competitive market. The advice was excellent and the service great value for money. Tanya, I can’t thank you enough!

K.H, C.V. Development

I arranged to meet up with Tanya because I like the idea of returning to work. I’ve been at home bringing up children for the last 10 years, so the reality of doing so I don’t like so much. It’s not the actual work, it’s the lack of confidence and being out of the technology loop for so long which makes me very nervous. PowerPoint is not what it used to be! Then there’s not knowing what job to even do. Do I choose an easy job, a challenging job, a craft, return to my previous career? This thought stressed me out even more!

I didn’t think that a morning meeting with Tanya would help me so much and to be honest felt a little sceptical. The questions which Tanya asked made me realise lots of things, things I hadn’t thought about and didn’t even know I was feeling. What was important to me, location, even down to what environment would suit me. What I came away with was some much needed direction, some confidence and some immediate contacts who could help me achieve in this line of work.

I found the coaching extremely valuable and now feel excited about starting this next chapter in my life. Tanya is a great coach, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with her if you feel a little lost and overwhelmed at the prospect of returning to work.

B.R, Mum Returning to Work

I graduated in July this year and came out of university with no idea what I wanted to do. I hadn’t found the careers services at university particularly helpful, so I was happy to take the opportunity when my mum offered for me to have Tanya’s help.

With Tanya’s help I have explored the jobs out there that would suit my interests and skills and I’ve narrowed my focus. She has helped me to find more confidence in my abilities and she encouraged me to finally start blogging. Not only have I now considered the jobs that I would like to do, but Tanya has helped me to consider other aspects of a career that are just as, if not more, important than the job itself such as the environment I would like to work in and the people I would like to work with. Thanks to Tanya’s encouragement I managed to get work experience in marketing and publicity at Penguin Random House in London. Moreover, Tanya has assisted me in improving my CV to give me the best chance of getting the job I want.

I highly recommend Tanya. She has been crucial in motivating me, which can be a struggle after university, and has certainly made the search for work less daunting. Indeed, she is wonderful career coach, but also extremely lovely and understanding and I’ve enjoyed having her help. I now feel equipped to start a career and to make the most of what I’m capable of.

E.P, Graduate Job Hunter

My daughter graduated this summer from  a good university, however, her degree in ancient history did not fit neatly into a clear career path. Like many other young people these days, she was feeling anxious and overwhelmed about what type of job she wanted to pursue.

Tanya’s coaching programme has really helped her to be more aware of her own strengths and skills, giving her more confidence. Furthermore, she has made her think further than the salary and status of a job, and to consider personal satisfaction and the quality of life that the appropriate job can bring. She now has a much clearer idea of what she wants to do, advertising and marketing for a smaller company, outside of London to avoid the commuting.

As a mother, it has been great to see the change in my daughter. The anxiety over her working future has lifted.  She has made the most of Tanya’s help and advice, because she is an independent professional (and not her nagging parents). She trusts Tanya’s professional knowledge and she has been impressed by her genuine passion for helping her. I could not recommend Tanya at Vida Coaching highly enough to other parents of young people getting into the work market.

G.P, Parent of Graduate Job Hunter

I have had coaching from Tanya before but the NLP techniques were completely new to me. I was preparing to give my first ever presentation to a large group of young people and Tanya offered to help by introducing me to an NLP technique called the Circle of Excellence.

Before I had the session with Tanya I was somewhat anxious about giving my presentation due to having no experience. During the session, Tanya was very through in explaining what was going on and making sure I understood the process. Once I had finished the session with Tanya I felt a lot calmer and more confident and loved the fact that I had a ‘tool’ that I could carry with me in my pocket and use before the presentation.

I made use of the tool/technique 5 minutes before my presentation to bring back that feeling of calm confidence and put a big smile on my face. I was very happy with how my presentation went and would love the opportunity again, now that I have experienced it in a way that was enjoyable and not frightening at all.

I would recommend NLP/Coaching from Tanya as she has a very relaxed and friendly approach and made me feel completely at ease. I have since used the same NLP technique in other situations and it REALLY HELPS!!!!!


Due to a change in personal circumstance, I decided to have coaching to help me come to some decisions about the direction I wanted my life to go in as I didn’t know what I wanted to do next or how to plan my next move. The coaching helped me to look at things differently and gave me real clarity about how I wanted to move forward. I immediately made some big changes, which included resigning from my job and planning a move to London. I’ve now found a new job and can’t wait to start.

So, as you can see, my life changed drastically after my coaching session with Tanya. I feel so positive about my life now, like a weight has been lifted. If you want to make positive changes to your life, I highly recommend you book a coaching session with Tanya!

B.A, Career and Life Coaching

Tanya is such a great career and work-life balance coach and has helped me to understand what makes me passionate and what I am good at. This has helped me to get back on track and ready to find my perfect job. I had 6 coaching lessons and each one of them was fantastic. We set some goals and worked as a team. I would recommend Tanya for her great understanding, attention to detail, and encouragement to explore what is on the horizon.

After 3 months I was able to examine all the areas that I needed to looked into and this has made me stronger as a person. Thank you so much for your help. You are truly amazing.

P.M, Mature Job Hunter

I had approx six months of coaching sessions working with Tanya Ces Maneiro and at the end of the coaching programme I’m thrilled to say I found a job!

I was recommended to her by a member of my family as I had been made redundant having worked at the same company for ten years. I was nervous about going out to seek new employment as I was lacking in self-confidence and also wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do next. I was panicking about the thought of being interviewed and confused about which path to take.

The benefits I have seen within myself since undertaking these sessions are that my confidence has grown a significant amount; I think about things in a completely different way when approaching situations; I have realised my worth more and that I do have a lot of skills to offer companies and that I am a valuable asset to whoever hires me; and lastly I have undertaken tasks that I would’ve previously found very uncomfortable, such as having Skype sessions on a one to one basis, and I feel more comfortable now than I have ever done in the past.

The effects of me having these sessions on my career/home life were that I was able to have the right conversations with my family to help me figure out what avenue I wanted to follow once I finished working where I was.

I cannot recommend Tanya highly enough, it is such a worthwhile thing to do if you are low in confidence or want a career change and are not sure where to turn when doing this. She offers very helpful insights into the business world through a wealth of experience and she always makes you feel at ease instantly which is great, particularly if you are doubting yourself and low on confidence. Coaching is not something I thought I would ever do or would suit me but I am so glad I undertook these sessions and would have no second thoughts about undertaking them again or recommending someone else to undertake them.

F.H, Confidence/Career Coaching

I sought out Tanya’s career coaching services to educate myself on CV writing, job searching and returning to work after a gap. I felt stuck before starting the sessions, and frustrated with the process of applying and rejection time after time. As time wore on, my confidence had gone down and I struggled with what to do next or how to improve my situation.

Tanya is highly experienced and always furthering her repertoire of skills and education to better help her clients. She has been instrumental in helping me create a new CV and matching LinkedIn profile, along with helping me identify my strengths, key skills, and addressing personal hurdles which have kept me stuck. She is kind and personable and easy to work with, always creative in finding solutions and suggesting ideas to move my career search forward. I have no doubt that with my new knowledge and CV I am ready to re-enter the workforce and tackle this job search head on. My next visit with Tanya will be at interview stage for preparation and I’m looking forward to it!

I highly recommend Tanya and Vida Coaching to help you with your career or self improvement related to career and work.

J.Z, Career Returner

I met with Tanya before returning to work after 12 months of maternity leave. I felt that I was at a crossroads in my life and I couldn’t figure out which path to choose: I had a regular job that I could return back to, but I also had a hobby that had turned into an opportunity for freelance work in an area I loved.

Sitting down with Tanya helped me really and truly understand what I wanted and what I valued. As a mum it’s actually quite rare for someone to ask what you’d like to do – the family and household decisions always seem to take over. Tanya helped me evaluate what was important to me at work and at home and helped me understand what drove me as a person. What I liked is that Tanya doesn’t tell you what to do, but gives you the insight to make your own decision.

I chose to return to work, but when an opportunity for a role in another team came up which used my experience gained from my hobby, I knew that it was the ‘right thing’ for me to pursue. I did a mock interview with Tanya, which was a hugely valuable experience, and I’m pleased to say I’ve now landed the dream job, something which a year ago I would have found hard to imagine!

J.H, Mum Returning to Work

I talked to Tanya about her CV Review service following a series of unsuccessful attempts at trying to find employment in a permanent or contract capacity.

I was introduced to Tanya at a networking event and her jovial, informal style captivated me immediately. I’d encountered a number of agencies offering similar services, which I’d tried and been very disappointed with, but with Tanya, I felt that I could trust her to deliver. Tanya “knows the ropes” (she’s worked in HR) so the advice is based on what she knows the recruiters are looking for. As a result, my CV became a sales document that was pitched at the right level with all the relevant information, presented in the right language.

I’m certain without the advice offered by Tanya that the change in outcomes would not have occurred….Of course, the advice offered began to drive results immediately, the interviews started to roll in, quickly followed by engagements. If you are not getting the results from your CV that you think you should be, you could do a lot worse than to talk to Tanya at Vida Coaching!

Nick T, CV Review

I am a graduate who recently graduated with a psychology degree.  I have been struggling to find the right job and came to Tanya in the hope she could help me set some goals to help me focus on my future career.

I found the intake session very useful and learnt a lot about myself and my values.  I went away feeling very positive and felt Tanya had really listened and reflected back well.

(After my first coaching session), once again…I left feeling motivated and focused on my job hunting.  Sadly, I didn’t have any more sessions after this as I had an interview and was successful in getting the job!  I am thrilled as the job is in an area of great interest to me and fits with my values.  Overall, the coaching was a great success and I would recommend Tanya to others in a similar situation to myself.

Sarah H, Graduate Job Hunter

Tanya was fantastic in helping me with some interview preparation and practice at short notice. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was a little nervous, but needn’t have worried. Tanya was extremely professional, gave me excellent feedback and a great report to refer back to. She knows her stuff!!!

I went into the interview feeling much more confident and prepared. In that instance I did not get the position, which on reflection was probably for the best. Using what I had learned from my interview preparation and practice from Tanya, my next interview went so well I was offered a work trial at the end of the interview and I am hoping to start with the organisation next month. Well worth the time and money – Thank you Tanya!

Deborah L, Mock Interview

Coaching has changed my life and attitude completely.…. Areas in my life that I have wanted to improve for a while and in some cases have tried to change previously, have now become achievable and a lot simpler in my mind.

….Since my first session I feel like my life has taken a definite turn for the better – Plans for my own business have started to really get going, financially I am feeling more positive about my ability to save, I am less stressed and doubly more organised in my week, allowing me more time to do the things I want and get a healthy amount of sleep every night.

So overall I do not think that I could have asked for more out of the coaching sessions.  A sincere Thanks!!

Alex M, Work-Life Balance/Life Coaching

I feel Tanya’s coaching has had a significant benefit on my confidence and how I deal with the goals I want to achieve in my life.

Her coaching methods have shown me clear, concise ways to tackle the goals I set out to achieve, giving me the confidence to know I can achieve those goals with the correct plan in place and a positive mind set.

Tanya is an excellent coach and the impact of her coaching has been amazing!

Owen V, Confidence/Life Coaching

Before I had coaching with Tanya, I was struggling to manage my time effectively and wanting to set up my own business but lacked the confidence and self belief to do so.

Through my coaching sessions with Tanya, I have learnt to schedule my time more effectively. I now feel far more in control of my life, my stress levels have reduced and thus my relationship with my husband and daughter has improved. I have realised the benefits of saying no and now try to please myself sometimes rather than always putting others first. I know now that I need to set more realistic, achievable goals and deal with them one at a time, instead of trying to do a million things at once and feeling disappointed when nothing gets done. Lastly, I have made some key decisions about the set up of my business and the steps I need to take to get there.

Tanya was a friendly, supportive and encouraging coach and I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Candice T-R, Work-Life Balance/Business Coaching

Tanya has been a real benefit to my life.  I have worked with her on several goals that I thought were fairly simple, but have uncovered some really interesting and deep rooted limiting beliefs. Tanya has really pushed me and challenged me and I was very impressed with how open and receptive I was to her challenges.  It really is a testament to how much I can trust her as a coach.

I have learned a lot about myself and how I instinctively deal with certain issues….I feel a lot more confident and secure about raising awareness to people that I am in a situation that I am not happy with and, thanks to Tanya, I have lots of tools to use when my confidence fails.

Eleanor B, Confidence/Life Coaching

I’m very pleased I had the opportunity to work with Tanya.  I found her to be very supportive and encouraging, and most importantly, she enabled me to focus my thoughts on exactly what I wanted to achieve, what my priorities should be given these goals, and how I could get there.

I found that I have been able to apply this same thought process to other issues since, so Tanya’s coaching sessions are continuing to benefit me.

Thank you!

Louise M, Work-Life Balance/Life Coaching