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As another year draws to a close, you may be busy reflecting on 2023 and deciding it’s time for your next significant role. Or it’s time to finally make the big career change you’ve been dreaming about.

But if you keep convincing yourself that now isn’t the smart time to be searching (JANUARY is the perfect time! New year, new job, and all that?!), I have an early Christmas present for you. A little gift to encourage you that NOW is the right time to make headway with your new job hunt.

Read on to find out more…

5 things to consider with a December job search

1. There’s less competition

Many would argue December is a slow month for interviewing and hiring, which means most people put it off until the mince pies and Baileys have settled and are ready to hit the ground running in January.

But what does this mean for you? Less competition and more attention from recruiters, that’s what!

With fewer people applying, there’s also a greater opportunity to impress and stand out from the crowd. Use other people’s hesitation and procrastination to your advantage.

2. December jobs can be the most genuine

A challenging aspect of applying for a new role is knowing whether an online job advert is worth your time and effort.

Have you ever applied for a job, suspecting an internal candidate has already been earmarked for the position, and you’re simply going through the motions to tick the compliance boxes? It can be frustrating and disheartening.

The great news about new roles advertised in December is that they probably identify a real need to fill a position in an organisation. Perhaps someone has given their notice at the end of the year, and they need to backfill as soon as possible.

If a company’s financial year begins on the 1st of January or aligns with the new tax year in April, now is the time when leftover budgets are being assessed and hiring managers finally get the go-ahead to recruit. Many large organisations will also be getting ready to roll out their 2024 objectives and plans and will be reviewing staffing levels for the new year.

3. Save time by understanding what you really want

The chances are you’ve been thinking about switching roles for some time now but that niggling voice in your head has been trying to convince you that now isn’t a sensible time.

“What about my Christmas bonus?”

“What about the Christmas do?”

“Do I have enough holidays left to take time off for interviews?”

“Let’s get Christmas out of the way, and then I’ll think about it properly!”

Allow the part of you that yearns for something new to come to the forefront and really delve into what you want from your career.

Ask yourself…

  • Why do I want to change roles?
  • What do I enjoy about my current role?
  • What do I want from a new role?
  • What are my career goals?
  • What makes me an attractive candidate?
  • What are my expectations around salary, contracted hours and working arrangements? 

This will help you focus your limited time in December to really concentrate on the roles that are right for you – right now.

christmas new job

4. Strengthen your networks

December evokes a sense of community, sharing and gratitude, so take advantage of all this Christmas spirit and work on growing and strengthening your networks.

People may be winding down for the Christmas break, allowing them more spare time in their diaries to meet for an informal catch-up or introductory meetings. Use these opportunities to work on developing a genuine connection rather than outright touting for a new role.

If you’re looking to move up the ladder in your current organisation, use Christmas social events to talk to influential people you don’t always encounter or to improve existing relationships with HR colleagues and other department leaders. Again, please don’t focus on trying to get a promotion, try to get to know them personally by asking about their plans over Christmas, their key challenges for the year ahead and their aspirations for 2024.

5. Showcase your drive

While others are winding down for Christmas and the extended break, getting organised and empowered in December is an ideal opportunity to showcase your passion, drive and determination.

Let this shine through in your CV, job applications, interviews, networking opportunities and interactions with colleagues.

A final note

There ARE lucrative job opportunities just waiting to be awarded in December. One final point I’d like to raise though – if you’re offered something but it doesn’t feel right or tick all the boxes when it comes to what you want, you don’t have to take it. Don’t let the end-of-the-year chaos trick you into thinking it’s now or never. Carefully weigh up all the pros and cons and listen to your gut instinct.

Good luck with your job search, and if you’d like to find out how we can work together, let’s have a virtual coffee and a chat.

I’d like to end this blog by wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. 

See you in 2024!